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DMC Site Laptops


All new students at Dubai Men's College are required to purchase the college prescribed laptop to support their learning. Information about the laptop, i.e., model, specs, price, payment options, etc., is provided in marketing sessions, during registration or in literature supplied with the laptop.
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Insurance & Warranty: All laptops purchased by students via the college are covered under a 3 year Catastrophic Insurance Plan.. Below are few examples of insurance claims:

  • For claims less than Dhs.400/-, the student has to make full payment for the damages.
  • For claims more than Dhs.400/-, the student pays Dhs 400/- plus 20% of any damages above the first Dhs.400/-, up to a maximum of Dhs.2000/-.
  • The maximum total amount of claims by one individual over the life of the laptop, i.e. 3 years, should not exceed the original purchase price of the laptop.
The laptops also carry a three year international warranty against failures or defects that may arise due to defective design, materials or manufacturing.

Support & Service: Students who purchase laptops via the college receive on campus service. The laptop technician is available in the Techno Centre from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (Saturday to Wednesday), excluding holidays.

The laptop technician is committed to the following:
  • On-campus support with 4 hrs repair time (a standby laptop will be given on a loan basis if the repair time
    exceeds 4 hrs.) 
  • 3 years warranty, including battery
  • Insurance: 3 years Catastrophic Plan (full details will be distributed along with laptop). 
  • Latest Microsoft OS and MS Office with periodic software and antivirus updates.



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